About Me

The Story

My name is Aaliyah Aquino, and I'm a cancer survivor. I started Aquino Glitz in Puerto Rico in late July 2020. It was originally called evandlico and I built it with my best friend Evelyn. But, later on in the business, she decided it wasn't for her, so I decided to rebrand from evandlico to Aquino Glitz. It all started before I was diagnosed, I had a lot of hair, and I always got compliments on it. I would make my own products and grow my natural hair. I love researching and making all my products so much that I decided to make a profit from them. After I was Diagnosed, I moved to New York and lost all my hair. I put my business on pause because I felt that there was no point In selling beauty products when I wasn't beautiful. What I thought defined my beauty, wasn't there anymore. One Day, I decided to start my business again. I went to sleep praying about what I should do. The next day God gave me a wonderful idea, to make flyers. I made flyers and brought them to the clinic where I was getting my chemo and made some lip gloss sales. I liked seeing the look on people's faces and I liked making my money. As I was losing my lashes and my brows, I was wondering what I could make to preserve them and then arose the lash and brow serums. I started selling them too. My clients started telling me how much they loved the hair products that they kept ordering and ordering, so I just continued making and making. I thought to myself even though I lost my hair I can help other people grow theirs. I plan to start my hair growth journey as soon as my process is finished and I can't wait to continue using my products to see what will help my hair grow back, and hopefully others too. I just love making sales and seeing the smile on my client's faces every time they hear that I'm coming out with a new product. Sometimes, I still feel sad about losing my hair, but I've learned that my hair doesn't define me and that I'm beautiful with and without it. Each product is handmade by me, a 14-year old entrepreneur from the Bronx New York. I hope you enjoy my products and share them with your friends and family... Enjoy!